Common Area Carpet

Looking for a flooring solution for areas with heavy foot traffic?  We offer a wide selection of common area carpet options to fit the bill.  Our common area carpets are durable and designed to be sturdier than traditional residential carpeting.


arpet is one of the most popular and functional types of floor covering.  No other floor covering is as warm, inviting, and quiet as carpet and no other offers as many options in textures, styles, and colors to meet any style or budget.

Carpet styling and performance has seen many advances in recent years.  Today’s carpet manufacturers are using technology to combine texture, color, and pattern to create exciting new looks.  You will also see softer fibers, better stain resistance, and advanced construction techniques that deliver great feel under foot while being extremely durable.

Carpet installed in your units must be able to withstand the usual wear and tear of an average resident.  Important aspects to consider include: the frequency of your current carpet replacements and if pets are allowed in your units.  Select a grade of carpet with a life expectancy equal to or exceeding the lifestyle and average length of stay of your residents.