National Account Program

January 01 2022

At Redi Carpet, we look for opportunities to partner with multi-family property management companies
to create a preferred flooring installation program beneficial for their entire portfolio and not just one
property. We understand that flooring is often one of the largest budgeted items and our overall goal is
to create a partnership that not only saves them money but will provide long-term value.

What makes a customer a good fit for the National Account Program with Redi Carpet? We consider a
lot of factors when determining if a client can benefit from such a program. The first is the number of
units a client currently manages. Typically, the sweet spot for our clients is around 10,000 + units
managed. When they get to that size, that’s when they see the most significant benefit of creating a
National Flooring Program. If they’re overseeing such a large volume of units, they are likely to feel the
pain points of trying to manage their flooring installation process. They end up using multiple companies
and get inconsistent pricing. Not to mention, they have no control over what products are being
installed across their portfolios. The geographic location of their assets and how it lines up with our
national footprint is also a determining factor when evaluating this program. In addition, a client must
assess how they are going to drive flooring installation compliance internally to ensure the success of the
National Account Program.

Our National Account Program offers numerous value-added benefits to our customers. By creating a
National Program with Redi Carpet, a preferred supplier, the client will have one point of contact with
pre-determined national pricing by market. We offer an in-stock inventory of carpet, plank, and vinyl in
all our 33 locations nationwide, with next-day installation. Redi Carpet guarantees to complete the
installation using the most sophisticated and effective measurement techniques and tools available to
the industry today. Our clients can rest assured that consistent materials will be installed at the
nationally agreed-upon price, with as little waste as possible, every time. We also have online account
services, client software integration, material use (usage) reports, and ancillary income opportunities.
Redi Carpet has created unique product partnerships with the industry’s leading flooring manufacturers.
We will provide innovative product solutions and product education for our customers. Redi Carpet will
also take advantage of our purchasing power to provide stable pricing programs and will evaluate and
create international supply programs to help stabilize the supply chain.
When we create a National Program for our clients, we try to learn their short and long-term goals for
their portfolios and what success looks like for them. It’s never one-size-fits-all. We can tailor a flooring
program that meets their needs. Then, we will consistently help them monitor the program and adjust as
needed to meet their ever-changing portfolio.

The Redi Carpet National Accounts Team currently consists of six highly experienced sales professionals
strategically located across the country. This provides our national clients the convenience of working
with key decision-makers right in their own back yard, no matter their geographic location. We desire to
be your trusted flooring partner and love to be involved with our clients. We often sponsor customer
events and meetings and are involved with the local, state, and national apartment associations. We
want our clients to know that their goals are our goals.