Being Customer Obsessive

October 01 2021

I come from a branch-based distribution service background. Redi Carpet is different because, just in general, the other organizations I was part of were helping businesses stay open, stay operational. However, Redi Carpet’s mindset is that we help people move into their multi-family dwelling. It’s more than installing carpet, sheet vinyl, or vinyl plank in a unit; we are, in essence, a big part of welcoming people into their new home. Therefore, we are not only obsessive about providing fantastic customer service to our direct clients, but we also have their tenants in mind.

Customer service is in Redi Carpet’s DNA. Our Customer Service team is comprised of our CSR team that has a traditional role of taking orders for apartment flooring and resolving any issues that our multi-family flooring customers may have. We also have a fully- staffed inventory, billing, and invoicing teams dedicated to making sure we’re able to provide next-day flooring installation and a smooth billing process.

The Redi Carpet Customer Service team works with our direct customers, including multi-family maintenance supervisors and property managers, who call or email us. Our customers typically contact us to place new orders for carpet, sheet vinyl, or Vinyl plank, looking for solutions to a problem with an existing flooring order, or inquiring about general information regarding multi-family flooring. Each CSR interacts with 30-40 customers by email and approximately 10-20 by phone day. Our goal is to make sure every single interaction with a customer is the best one they’ve ever had!

Because we have a next-day installation value proposition for our customers, we must get it right. And in the event we don’t get it right, which happens in business, we make sure the issue gets resolved immediately. There are no excuses; we make it right do it fast.

For me, Redi Carpet is in the first impression business. It’s the first time a customer is calling us. Are we executing on their request every time, perfectly the first time? That’s the first impression they have of Redi Carpet even before seeing their new flooring in a unit. We’re also in the business of helping our property managers and our maintenance supervisor customers make good first impressions with their clients because what they want to have is a long-term relationship with tenants. And when we do our job well, it helps make an excellent first impression with their client. Residents move into their new apartment on time, the flooring looks beautiful, and everything is right with the world!

I want our customers to know that we have a dedicated team at Redi Carpet. Not only are we your flooring partners, but we want to get to know every customer as a person and facilitate their unique needs and challenges. And we care about helping your meet those challenges every step of the way. From placing the initial order to finalizing the billing and everything in between, the Redi Carpet team is here to make it a great experience every step of the way. What sets us apart from other organizations I’ve been a part of is genuine care for our customers. I hear that a lot with many other organizations and leaders I deal with, but I truly feel it when I see it here. I feel the care and concern that everybody has to get it right and ensure the customers is taken care of. So it’s a legacy that has been built in Redi Carpet over the last forty years. And it’s one that I intend to continue to build on.