Seagull Select Announces Name Change to Redi Carpet

November 20 2020

Seagull Select, an industry leader in providing multi-family flooring has announced today that the company will begin operating under the name of its parent company, Redi Carpet. The name change reflects the evolution of the company as well as its vision for being a part of the Redi Carpet brand. Along with this change, the company will now adopt the Redi Carpet logo.

In 2010, Seagull Floors was purchased by Redi Carpet followed closely by the acquisition of Select Floors. Since then, the company has operated under the Seagull Select moniker. CEO, Brian Caress stated, “As we celebrate our 10th year of serving the Atlanta metropolitan and Chattanooga areas under the Seagull Select name, now is the perfect time to make the name change to Redi Carpet as it more appropriately reflects our company’s 40-year history and heritage of being one of the largest multi-family flooring providers in the country.” Curt Graulich, VP – Southeast Region added, “The essence of the company remains the same. The reputation and equity built under the Seagull Select identity will not change. Being part of the Redi Carpet brand will only enhance our ability to leverage more opportunities for growth and expansion in the region.”

The renaming is part of the organization’s strategy to emphasize the strength of its capabilities, growth, and the commitment to providing outstanding customer service to their multi-family industry customers. The Seagull Select location and staff have not changed.